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TL;DR is a home for the avant-garde. My hope for the magazine is that it will attract the seam-rippers, the form-defying genre-stomping art makers, word-inventing full-throated-singing void-screaming absurdist surrealists Dadaist label-less spacemen. Come here, be weird. Try that thing. Send me your secret work, the one with no audience.

Send me true living, documented relentlessly.


I can’t compensate contributors right now, though I fully believe people should be paid for their art. I strive toward making this magazine a place that can do so as soon as possible.


I encourage you to read the manifesto linked below, written by the former editor, Russell Jaffe. It is beautiful, and I think most all of it applies to the magazine in its current iteration (whatever iteration we may be on when you read this).



Yours, at the end of this,

-Bri Esposito, Editor

TL;DR manifesto over at Entropy.

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