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  • David Z. Morris

Two poems // David Z. Morris

Evacuate These Entries!

I gained interest in the effectiveness of speed.

Can we push to 800? 900? Beyond the wall of sound?

Floating on magnets, or perhaps pure air

Can we outrun the difference between word and meaning?

Can we reach degree zero at infinite velocity?

Evacuate These Entries!

We have published three books

Of his work

Bubbling up from the depths

A chance to put time’s genius to

Work for your beauty regime

We have better

Faces to tolerate than his

Better shoulders to cry on

Better tantrums to indulge.

Not even baby geniuses, but actual geniuses.

The wood is relaxed, mellow. More than we deserve.

But the EPA has vastly underestimated the toxicity.

You must have so many voices,

So many ways to perform

And deceive

I think about that goofball

With the dank weed

Sly shell cracking and

Flying like the past

A second ago, a second round

Symptomatic squalling head

Floating aimless down

And the rabbi says to the guy, he says

My mother got ahold of my credit card again. It’ll never end.

It’ll never fucking end.

Undulous upon Orgurous crag (Omstrongt Xperimans 2)

Undulous upon Orgurous crag, Angulan argaron sangled askeldant.

Armatran atralatrest, and thyrion in excretense.

Witren, sweetest witren, distendant unker labrotrothed,

By Testen, by Hypos, by stress and sleep and shem.

Squarulous integrotion, whelpering hishant un hongering scrant.

Ghest upon ghest, pythiously greth with crembling digibles.

Inscrenfulous, distented sacs, swoggling wibs,

Dibital, ancular, espendont and esquated.

Undulous, Undulous, meniols, tenthels,

Now tremulant and moscrant, escrial of punglishing skyflame,

Debulan, pangled, laserong, remenseless.

So much shadow, so much time, to be shocked out.

Tumblorn intong desthley,

Squeening spelthorn, hathning, pomdeled to dust.

Turn to run, turn to run, but not, toblate.

Here to sacrify, sanctimous and gremlin, the heireschary,

Face skint mankling, puissant, drengy.

Monkling itinerant in lost lands were his memblies,

Draken and dreg throatcragged, penciled, splayed.

Now, aglowning blazen skymter handy,

El scrings and slangs and sliks heretotheretohere

Taking bloodbrain, dirtlife, misterly.

Domonois holisest,

Entrameled, squirsonged, chantrened.

Like birds

What is taken, taken, taken again, from

These misklorng farbiners and steadymen,

Sweft and sminty, smenglor one and all,

By loms and listers,

By gods and gombeebs,

Entramelled, smoltern, landsik, smend.


David Z. Morris's creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in Word Riot, Milkfist, and Wag's Revue. This poem is taken from his Ormstrongt Xperimans chapbook series, which can be found here. He also writes about experimental and weird fiction and film at He has lived in Austin, Iowa, Tokyo, and Florida.

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