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  • Joseph Quiroz

Poems from the Poet Laureate of McDonalds

They told me to write a poem about a Big Mac

All I could come up with was this...

A BIG MAC is American…

Buy it

They loved it

Ronald McDonald

At least you're not as creepy as the Burger King

You may be ugly but you ain't Burger King ugly

as you can still move your face

Remember that, you clown!

Imagine a world without Mcdonald's

That's like a world without religion

Impossible to imagine

Everyone needs to wave their miniature

American Flags at McDonald's more often

Mcdonald's is America

When people all over the world talk about America,

they always mention McDonald's because

what is more American than McDonalds

In order to honor this great American institution,

we need to wave more miniature

American flags within them

So the next time, you get a Big Mac

Don't forget your flag

Wave it around in order to

honor the All-American McDonald's

Fuck Burger King

Burger King doesn't have Big Macs

So don't go there

Big Macs are the most beautiful thing on the planet

So why go to a hell where there are no Big Macs?

In these uncertain political times

Go Eat at McDonald's

Delicious Food can really help a soul out

in uncertain times

McDonald's is not an enemy

It's a friend

Do enemies serves delicious food?

Think about it and you will see how right it is


Joseph Quiroz is a 28 year old from North Arlington, NJ who has been performing at poetry slams and open mics all throughout the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas since Dec of 2013. He represented Rock Slam out of Nyack, NY at the National Poetry Slam in 2016. Find him and his handwritten poetry on Instagram here.

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