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  • Eddy Martin Graham

Two art pieces // Eddy Martin Graham

"My Subconscious Mind" made with Acrylic pain on BFK REEVES paper. Expressing my darkness with an eye to represent seeing the truth from the pain. Happiness down the centre, leading to source or spirit as it is surrounded by layers of the self. All around are feelings of sensitivity, passion, tranquility and emotions of my current life.

"Mankind, Mother Nature/goddess, shadow of death and the Devine dream" and is made with Oil Stick Pastel done on BFK REEVES paper. 2016


Eddy Martin Graham who is a 20 year old 3rd year Visual Arts Student at Vancouver Island University located in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. He is a Nanaimo Arts Council Board of Director and Founder of clothing company 'Rebel Artium' which is made with hand designed artwork by Eddy. 20% of the proceeds collected go towards 'ArtLab' located in downtown, Nanaimo, BC then used to purchase children's art classes who are either under funded or whose parents and or guardians could not support payment for their children, and then given back to these children. So far he has helped classes with a variety of children discovering their creativity and evolving with artistic expression. Eddy has had artshows at Electric Umbrella Tattoo & Gallery, The Vault Cafe, The View Art Gallery and shows in Ladysmith and Vancouver, BC. In 2014 & 2015 he has done live art in The Firehouse Grill and on VIU campus stage for The Vancouver Island Short Film Festival.

In 2015 he won the Nanaimo Arts Council Achievement Award. Ever since then he has strived to ask us all "Can we heal this world through finding our own unique creative progress?", "Can this help us find our individualism in a world of blatant collectivism and mind numbing technology?."

His goal now is to not only create art workshops for children and teenagers but also those in addiction recovery. With a family past of substance abuse he hopes that art can be a healing action for all. Art being a catalyst for being proud of ourselves and our journey.

Instagram: rebelartium

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