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  • Betty Scott

Machines of Loving Grace // Betty Scott

"[These poems] are made only of words, phrases, and fragments taken from sex toy sales copy. They are intended to be read as a group or in groups rather than one at a time." -Betty Scott

Machines of Loving Grace


lifelike godlike

beyond anything humanly possible

a spine like memory foam

plus it has a sense of humor

this silken soft sturdy hero


it offers comfort amplified

complete with warm skin

intricately sculpted with

bursting veins and muscles like

a bodybuilder would have


resembling an accordion

its discreet enhancement

got the moves

it won’t have to fumble

it’s a knight in shining armor


with trembling fingertips

probe the curved tab

rotating and squirmy yet

offering a hands-free hold

oh the shimmery pearl beast


scentless tasteless

puffy arms extend to

tell you high praise

and form a complete snuggle blanket

a crazy appreciation bear hug


hollow inside with long ticklers

jumping harmonious effectively engineered

transmits effective vibration under

a skin-like surface

your backlit soda shop partner


two motor dream jelly and

pliable dots line nonporous eggs

the ergonomic lavender is

more than a man

a cliché wildcat buzzing with talent


become great friends

develop imagination without sacrifice

weighted and shaped ideally

to maintain the fantasy

pick this purple star


temperature contrast

and first time spice

when you flex backwards

you’ll fall in love with

a maximum trust partner


it can safely be worn for hours at a time

even with the glow in the dark addition

hand blown glass with gripping factor 20

and versatile wiggle is a rare find

like a small malleable woman


experience an original sensation

slipping away in the shower

with an overly silken memory chip

a mind glides across hot water

the emperor shudders


Betty Scott is a lifelong Illinoisan who writes book reviews, poetry, and fiction. Her work has appeared in publications such as Books & Whatnot, Three Percent, Literary Orphans, and Slipstream.

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