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  • Kimberly Kim

Four poems from 28 Kisses

"Second Kiss"

My first boyfriend had a hippie name. It was my first time sleeping in his arms. My back against his chest, he cradled my body. He lifted his chin, leaned around my face, and his lips touched mine. I remembered.

"Tenth Kiss"

Hands reaching

Under my shirt

Leaving my fingerprints

Under your pants

Zip, zip

Lick my lips

"Twenty Second Kiss"

Ice cream slides

Across my hips

Hope may die

But at least

We'll have this



"Twenty Sixth Kiss"

Beyond you, don't you feel, I can see you, into my boy cut shorts, you will, touch my calves, from the back yard


Kimberly Kim is a graduate of the MFA in Writing program at California College of the Arts. She once lived in Korea for two years as an English Teacher. She is originally from Michigan and currently resides in Oakland, California. Her work has been published in Samizdat, Be About It zine, and Audrey Magazine.

For more info on obtaining her chapbook, email kimberly (dot) kim (at)

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