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Mikos Milan Mitchell: three monologues & three short plays


On Tuesday January 17, 2017, I failed my road test.

I am a little disappointed but not upset. I will get better. However I am a better driver. I will continue to practice driving with a licensed driver. Despite me failing the road test I have made remarkable improvements in the last two years of driving.

I will renew my drivers permit in July 2017 and after I practice driving and parallel parking, I will attempt my second road test.

On Monday February 1, 2017, I got accepted into Graduate School.

I will be going back to Capella University starting this coming Monday. But it will be an online school. I will be going for my MSW program in Social Work.

On Monday February 6, 2017, was my official first day as a graduate student. Working on my Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW). I am taking my first online course in my degree program called, Research Methods in Social Work. In other words, I already found a research topic.

A short play/monologue. Playwright: Mikos Milan Mitchell. Scene: 644 Pleasant Dr. Hastings, Minnesota. March 26, 2015. 9:00pm. Mikos: Hello everyone. Today is Thursday March 26, 2015. I am writing a monologue in preparation for my new 24 hour playwriting challenge tomorrow night and saturday night. I love writing and it is my true passion. I have spoken to Libby Wasylik. I would perfer to write dialogues than monologues because I like to create characters through my imagination. When writing plays, it has to have a beginning (resolution), the middle (climax or when two people have intense conflict) and the end (denoument). The beginning or rising action is, I am challenging myself to write as many 10 minute plays as possible. The conflict is, I want to stay up all night to post my typed plays on Facebook and YouTube. I want many views and followers because I want to be known all over the world and be famous. That person says, Mikos, you need sleep. It is not good to stay up all night. It isin't healthy! Hard work, pays off! I have many views, likes, and subscribers on my You Tube Channel! I am getting many offers from theatres, production and publishing companies! I am fighting against sleep and listening to everyone about editing my own hard earned work! My plays gets published and read by many theatres! The climax is my first big break and big fat royalty checks! And many arguments and losses of many so called friends! Drama! Falling/trailing action is, I am now famous. I feel like shit! I am exhausted. My eyes burns and is red from lack of damn sleep. To avoid the conflict, I write. I write. I write. I finally get sleep in order to stay healthy. I work my ass off to get many subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Instagram. I am not perfect. I am a good playwright. But I could be better because I work so damn hard to get to that point. I am a better writer now thanks to being famous and many days and sleepless nights of practice. I am very famous now. I can sleep. I will be well rested so I can continue to challenge my self in playwriting and screenwriting! I am a better writer now than ever before. I will wake up and feel refreshed. The End (Curtain).

My revised Written Will as of November 22, 2016. My legacy will live forever through Autism Society of America Autism Society of Minnesota, Hastings Black Dirt Theatre, Hastings Chamber of Commerce, Hastings YMCA or YMCA in general, Iowa City, University of Iowa Campus, my proposed museum in Davenport, Iowa on 7th & Farnam St., and renamed Argo Community High School, Mikos Mitchell College Prep Academy in Summit/Argo, Illinois, when I am both alive and dead. When I am alive or posthumously, I want to have Honorary degrees from the University of Iowa in BS and BA in psychology, MFA in playwriting and screenwriting, phD. in Psychology and Philosophy, and many honorary certificates from most major public and private universities. I am a CEO/Founder of the Mikos Milan Mitchell Playwright/Screenwriting company and when I die or get frail, my girlfriend Heather Lynn Carlson can take over my company and all future generations both by blood and by marriage. I am also a CEO/Founder of WMIK 97.1 radio station and may change it to KMIK for WTBM (To Bad Mik). I do envision myself having bookstores for plays and scripts only. I would like all of my plays to sell well just like books are, as well as making it on the New York Times #1 best seller. Just like New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, is known for theatres; Los Angeles are known for movie making studios, and Iowa City, Iowa is known for The City of Literature, I want Hastings, Minnesota, to have self-publishing companies for plays, book stores for plays and scripts, and ultimately, to sell many of my plays and scripts until they are sold out just like books. That is my dream. I will be the best writer and playwright not only in America, but throughout the world. Furthermore, I would like my plays to be recorded so that people could listen to them like audiobooks and/or people could have access to my plays via ebooks. I would like a state next to Phillips Hall at the University of Iowa, and renamed TRIO, Mikos Milan Mitchell's TRIO student support center. I want people to remember me and keep my stories alive many years from now. My handwritten and typed plays may be worth nothing now, but it will be worth a fortune years from now. And I will have back up copies of my handwritten plays and typed plays on Facebook and electronic just incase I lose my physical copies of them forever. I want June to be national Mikos Milan Mitchell month as well as June 11th to be Mikos Milan Mitchell or To Bad Mik Day. I want schools and Universities to study (Me) Mikos Milan Mitchell like William Shakespeare. I want my plays to be checked out at school and local libraries as well as online libraries to download or read eBooks long after I perished. In other words, I would want people to remember me for who I was as well as, keep my plays and screenplays by reading and have Mikos Milan Mitchell festivals. I want my dorm at the University of Iowa and Iowa City to be named Mikos Mitchell Hall, Cambus to be named Mikos Route, a street in Iowa City named Mikos Mitchell Ave, and a museum in Davenport Iowa on 7th and Farnam (My old Apartment) named after me. Finally I want to have a scholarship named Mikos Milan Mitchell worth amounts from $10,000-$50,000 scholarships in my honor. Furthermore, I want to donate money from royalties and from my plays or movies to charities and give it to my girlfriend Heather Lynn Carlson. I would want my girlfriend and professional writers and editors to take over my company and corporation Mikos Milan Mitchell company long after I am gone. When I depart from this Earth, I want to be remembered as a most influential playwright and screenwriter since William Shakespeare and Tyler Perry. I also want to have both public and Private Memorials for two weeks non stop just like Prince Rogers Nelson. Instead of "Laughing in the Purple Rain", I want people to honor my legacy by having Autism Puzzles Ribbons, and give all my plays and screenplays to my girlfriend Heather Lynn Carlson, and the University of Iowa Main Library. I would want to be cremated and my ashes spread all over Iowa City, especially the University of Iowa Campus. But I want to have a private Memorial Service at Argo Temple Church of God in Christ in Summit/Argo, Illinois, and public memorial service at both Jaycee Park in Hastings, Minnesota, and Old Iowa State Capitol, at the University of Iowa, Pentcrest. I would want to renamed Black Dirt Theatre as Mikos Milan Mitchell theatre and a real radio station WMIK or WTBM (To Bad Mik) in Chicago. I even want all of my mixtapes and mixes from my DJ To Bad Mik Facebook groups on B96 Friday/Saturday Night street mix. When I die, I want people to honor me, by throwing block parties in both downtown Hastings and downtown Iowa City, on 7th St. In Davenport, Iowa, and on West 63rd Pl., In Argo or inside Argo Community High School field house just like Senator Bernie Sander's Rally and have WARG play all of my mixtapes non stop to remember me. I also want every Theatre especially Broadway in New York City to honor me as well and honor me all over the world with Autism Puzzle Ribbons or pay my final respects by making huge thank you cards and pictures. I even want all universities especially the University of Iowa, to do research about me, and have a class names after me academically. My other dream is to build a museum so that all of my handwritten rough drafts of my plays, my typed drafts, my final drafts of my plays, and my rejection letters to be on displayed just like artists from art galleries. Last but not least, for my living will, I would want to be remembered as one of the best playwrights and screenwriters ever just like William Shakespeare, as well as other authors such as, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway; philosophers such as, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, John Locke, and much more. I don't want to be compared to Tyler Perry. I (Mikos Milan Mitchell) will be the most influential playwrights and screenwriters of the 21st century as, I want to be immortalize through all of my handwritten rough drafts in my Facebook groups, my You Tube videos, my final typed drafts, the plays like New York Times best-selling books, my plays on Wattpadd and and much more. There had not been nor will it be no one like myself (Mikos Milan Mitchell) like ever before nor ever again. I want to be remembered forever and I want people to read and perform all of my plays for many years to come, even long after I perished. -Mikos Milan Mitchell


Hastings Raiders 2115. A play written by: Mikos Milan Mitchell Scene: Downtown Hastings, Minnesota. Jaycee Park. March 2015. {Lights up, Savannah is standing center stage, still. Miguel walks on stage, snapping Savannah out of her trance like state}

Savanah: (Sees Miguel) You there, what year is it?

Miguel: It's 2015. It has been for months. What a strange question. (beat as they stare at each other)

Um... have you seen the mayor? I want to discuss an idea on expanding General Sieben Avenue into a freeway but he says it would cost so much to widen it to a freeway.

Paula: [enters] (overhears the conversation) What about the Hastings Lock and Dam? Does it need to be widening as well?

Molly: The problem is that it would cost money and resources. Plus all of that construction will only add to the Global Warming problem.

Paula: This is where it gets tricky?

Miguel calls the mayor on his Smartphone. Miguel: Hello Mayor. Hello. Yes mayor. Downtown Hastings is warmer than the Lock and Dam. The temperature downtown has risen by 0.5 degrees Celsius in the last decade.

Molly: We do not need any more global warming nor the green house effect.

Savanah: In the year 2115, Hastings will be different. The city will grow to 3 times its current size. I can see Miesville and Vermilion as its neighborhood. In the year 2115, Dakota County Seat will be inside of the new expanded Hastings High School. Ground will break down on Red Wing Boulevard to become Raiders University. My Smartphone is a time machine. The secret to a secure future is a rock steady past. I've seen and lived the future- or the potential future, and I'm here to make sure it DOES NOT happen. The reason I time travel is to save this world from catastrophe.

Molly: (Not sure if she believes Savannah) I knew it. I knew we were digging ourselves in with all of the electronics we use, 24/7. Speaking of electronics, how are we managing all of that power? If we continue to grow, our resource consumption much be growing too...

Savannah: Power is very unreliable. There are frequent whole world wide outages- the world might come to an end... or even explode!

Paula: I had no idea. (Pause) Hey, I've heard time itself is not linear nor cyclical. It this how time travel is possible?

Savannah: Time is Time. It can go forward or backwards or all over the place. Time itself is mystery or the unknown. It just happens. We are not even sure how we manage to control it fully. These portals make it all possible.

Molly: I want to blame technology for the issues we will encounter, but I know its not techonoloys fault- we are the consumers that use and demand them...

Savannah: Time and portals will replace smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Google Glasses

Paula: I think I get it... She raises her voice as she is concerned about the future. I want to save this city from the non-sense and abusive technology.

(Miguel enters back into the room)

Molly: Savanna has seen the future- or the potential future, and she is a time travel and we need to save this world from catastrophe.

Miguel: I have spoken to the mayor. I think that he is a time traveler too?? He got this odd look and then pulled out his phone and then disappeared.

Savannah: Ah, then it is as we have suspected. We knew we had a rogue time traveler. We even suspected he was the cause of current state of my present- your future. The time signatures for 2100s have been reading wrong ever since they knew how to check time signatures- this must be your mayors doing. We MUST stop him.

Miguel: How do you propose we do that? We are not time travelers!

Savannah: I know this. But I can give you a lift. Grab a hold of my jacket! (Miguel and others grab Savannah's coat while she pulls out her transporter. With a few quick keystrokes, they get transported to the future.) (lights dim slightly) (Immediately the group returns to its same spot, looking more haggard and frazzled).

Miguel: Whoa

Paula: Whoa

Molly: Whoa (Savanah looks at them like they are children)

Miguel: That was insane! That was Hastings??? IN 2115??? The population is over 600,000. The entire landscape doesn't even look like Hastings anymore. Skyscrapers? Blimps?

Molly: The Raiders Mascot is still the Raiders. Blue and Yellow.

Savannah: Nevermind that. Where is that so-called mayor?

Paula: I see him. He is on the bridge. I think he is going to jump!

Molly: He must know we are on to him- but why would he jump. Why doesn't he teleport?

Savannah: He's not jumping to end it all, he is TRYING to teleport- his device must be low on quantum energy and he has to slingshot himself forward.

Miguel: Gravity slingshot? Like how they got the space shuttle around the moon during the Apollo missions?

Savannah: Yes, exactly like that. Except for nothing like that... why am I wasting time explaining.. (She starts running off towards off stage, to the bridge/mayor)

Paula: Wait! He's jumping. Its too late!

Molly: Hey! He didn't disappear. He... he hit the water. He's swimming towards shore! Lets get him!

Miguel: I think we're covered- the police just showed up. They are waiting for him on the shore. I think he is no longer our problem... (All stare off stage watching the mayor being arrested)

Miguel: But, how did they know to arrest him?

Savannah: Oh, this thing... (holds up the transporter). It also works as a phone.

Paula: Savanna, you saved us... or saved you? I guess? Either way, thank you. We now know what to do next time this happens.

Savannah: Next time? There won't be no next time. Have a great day. (Pushes a button on her teleporter and...) BLACKOUT

Mikos' Undercover Teacher's Aide.

A short story based on my play of the same name.

Mikos stood by the water fountain after he took a healthy gulp of the cold water. He had been on duty for recess monitor for the elementary school in his hometown of Hastings, Minnesota. He noticed a few of the older students were playing in the swings and one of the younger kids tried to get on the swings but the two girls kept pushing the girl away, to where the child went to play with couple other girls. He walked over to them. "Morning kids, I'm Mikos' the recess monitor. I noticed that there was a problem at the swings?"

Madeline spoke up, "I wanted to swing on the swings. I waited my turn but they refused to let me have one of the two swings."

"That is not considerate of them. There is a sign by the swings that if there are one standing waiting to use the swings, time limit is five minutes and allow the one next in line a chance on the swings." Mikos stated, as he started to walk over towards the swings with Madeline by his side. "Ladies, I'm Mikos, the recess monitor."

"She's bothering us!" the two girls retorted. "Telling us that we had a time limit on the swings!?" "Actually, you do have a time limit on the swings." Mikos stated. He pointed to the sign by the swing. "Can you read that?"

The two girls started to read it out loud and stopped. Both of the girls got off the swing and walked away from the swing set without another word.

Madeline watched as they went to another section of the playground. "What they did was bully you and that is not acceptable here. I know who they are and will be reporting it to the principle of the school about them."

"I didn't know it was bullying, I thought they were ignoring my polite requests." Madeline replied. "Now you know and knowing is half the battle." Mikos smiled back at them, as he checked his watch. He went to the bell and started to pull it announcing end of recess. "Recess is over, kids. Time to return to class!"

The kids hurried off the equipment on the playground and headed indoors for their classrooms. Mikos watched as they all entered the school building before he headed in to go speak with the principle about the bullying he caught on the playground.

13th Anniversary of Mikos's first play ever written.

Scene: Hastings, Minnesota. Friday March 13, 2015. Downtown Hastings, Minnesota. 2nd and Sibley St. They're walking through Downtown Hastings. Sasha: Today is Friday March 13, 2015.

Nicholas Sr: Mother, I know what day it is. Mikos wrote his very first play 13 years ago.

Sasha: The play was based on my life as a teenager in Los Angeles, California.

Nicholas Sr: Mother, I read his play Mikos Milan Mitchell wrote Sasha's teenage life in March 2002, and he's rewriting it in March 2015. He wrote that play when he was in 12th grade at Argo Community High School in a chicago suburb called Summit, Illinois.

Sasha: Well, this is 2015. He volunteers at the Hastings YMCA Kids Stuff in Hastings, Minnesota. He also volunteers for the Youth Development.

Nicholas: Mother. Mikos is also known as DJ To Bad Mik. His mixes is on You Tube channel and his Facebook group.

13th Anniversary of Mikos's first play ever written. Part 2 One Minute Play. 2 character dialogue. Scene: Downtown Hastings, Minnesota. Still on 2nd and Sibley St. Friday March 13, 2015. (They're still walking through Downtown Hastings in 60 degree weather). Nicholas Sr: Mikos Milan Mitchell aka DJ To Bad Mik will be posting a 30 minute mix show on You Tube. He's been DJ since he was 14 in 1998. He started off making mix tapes by Djing Chicago hard house music and in the early 2000's, he started mixing rap, hip-hop, pop, disco, R&B, and mainstream music.

Sasha: Did Mikos used to be a disc jockey at 88.9 FM WARG when he was in 10th and 12th grade at Argo Community High School? Bad Boy Bill, Julian Jumpin' Perez, Bobby D., To Kool Chris, Brian Hitmix' Middleton, and others inspired him to be a DJ. He loved B96, a Chicago radio station. True Chicago house music legends.

Nicholas Sr: Mother, yes he did. He also studied Theatre Arts in high school as well as Scott Community College in Bettendorf, Iowa and then the University of Iowa.

Sasha: Mikos is really Multi talented! That is based on his second play he'd ever written in 2002 as well.

Nicolas Sr: Happy 13 year anniversary of Mikos's first play he'd ever written.


Hello, I'm Mikos aka To Bad Mik. I live in Hastings, Minnesota. My goal is to be a Hollywood Celebrity and have two stars of fame for my screenwriting. My other literary agent Peter Slapincher helped me set up my website is Please find my section called "Mikos reports live from Hastings." It is all of my condensed Facebook and YouTube videos on there.

I am on the Autism Spectrum in addition to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I was non verbal until I was 6. My very first word was Bettlejuice. I have used both IEP's (Individualized Education Program) and Section 504 for academic accommodations. I like to go above and beyond, I am proud to say that I am an overachiever and highly motivated; I am a CEO, Founder, and Owner of this corporation. I have inspired many DJs, screenwriters, authors, other writers; parents and children with autism and special needs. I am 32 years old with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Capella University. I am a playwright and screenwriter. I have my drivers permit as of July 2015, and planning on getting my drivers license next year. I am also certified in CPR, Oxygen, and First Aid. I have achieved more things in my 32 years than most would in a lifetime despite my obstacles and challenges.

I was born on June 11, 1984 in Berwyn, Illinois, and raised in Summit, Illinois on the southwest suburb of Chicago. I moved to Davenport, Iowa in 2005, Iowa City, Iowa in 2009, Apple Valley, Minnesota in 2011, and Hastings, Minnesota in July 2013. I attended Scott Community College from 2006-2008, the University of Iowa from 2009-2011, taking courses at Kirkwood Community College from 2009-2010, and Capella University from 2012-2014. I am also a DJ. My DJ name is To Bad Mik. Been a DJ since 1998. I was a disc jockey at WARG high school radio station during my 10th and 12th grade years.

I have been writing plays and screenplays since 2002. My very first play was called Sasha's Teenage Life back in 2002. Tyler Perry "A Diary of a Mad Black Woman the play", and William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" inspired me to write many years ago. I also had written many news articles for the newspaper when I was in 11th grade at Argo Community High School in Summit, Illinois. I have handwritten 41 plays six act plays but, none of them been published yet. I am currently writing a play called "Living in Iowa City". I have 6 Facebook groups. I wrote a play called "Hastings Raiders 2115" during the new 24 hour play challenge on March 27-28, 2015, as a sponsor of the Hastings Black Dirt Theater. It was the first play to been performed, read, and produced ever. In addition, I will be starting my own writer’s workshop. I am taking any kind of writing but, I prefer scripts. Moreover, I am currently writing a short play called Hastings Rivertown Days 2015, that takes place at Jaycee Park in Hastings, Minnesota, and a full length play called Living in Iowa City that takes place at the University of Iowa Campus, and Iowa City, Iowa. I am currently working on a play called "Mikos's Undercover Teacher's Aide" that put an emphasis on special needs children and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is also based on my past work experience with children. It will be 100 pages long when it is finished.

Furthermore, I took Playwriting 1 and 2 courses at the University of Iowa back in 2010 and 2011. As well as submitted my play to a publishing company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with an encouraging rejection letter. I am in the process of self-publishing all of my plays and screenplays on I been part of Black Dirt Theater for nearly 2 years although I submitted my "Living in Iowa City" the script to Andy Langerfield. As of July 2016, I am working on a short play called, " 2016 Hastings Rivertown Days", and a 120 page full length, 6 act play, called, "Hastings, Minnesota." As of September 2016, I am currently working on two of my plays, "To Bad Mik Vol. 2", and "The Diaries of Sarah & Little Jessica".

I am in a process of video and audio record all of my plays. It will most likely be on You Tube. Moreover, I am working on a 400 page chapter book on my autobiography. "Mikos successes and struggles with Autism." The book. And my first children's book will be named after my plays. Books sell faster than plays and screenplays.

"Mikos's Undercover Teacher's Aide" the children's book. I will also illustrate children's books. Someone suggest me to change my lead character's name from Mikos to Miguel or Morgan.

In Conclusion, February 1, 2017, I reentered Capella University as a graduate school learner, and I want to obtain my internship in social service agencies in addition to working with children or vulnerable adults with special needs. My goal is to become a better researcher and find research topics as quickly as possible. This course will contribute to my career goals because it will enable me to analyize data, and interpret results from my study. My biggest challenges are time management because I will do the best that I can to juggle writing my screenplays, working out to lose weight. working with children at the Hastings YMCA, dealing with Anxiety, and trying to get the minimum 6 hours of sleep, despite dealing with my lower back pain. I am also excited because I will use my two passions, writing and working with children to become an effective Capella Learner in this course, and all future courses at this institution.

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