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My Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Film // Andrew Byrds

My Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Film

Today I saw an almond in a puddle

And cried watching its skin pull away

And drift towards the surface, and

It was funny all mottled and raw

This one thing becoming stripped and

Multiplied into a series of parts veiled

And caught up in the muddied waters

Because someone must have placed it

There for the purpose of a stranger finding

Meaning in the skinning degradation

Or maybe a squirrel forgot about its

Meal in a storm drain and now it rests

Reminding me of flecks of joints in

A rust wash but then again everything

Reminds me of parts and I walked away

Thinking I just stared into someone’s

Eyes unblinking and ruined.


Andrew Byrds graduated with a degree in Theatre-Performance from the University of Northern Iowa, where he also interned as an assistant editor at the North American Review. He lives in Iowa. Follow him @AndrewByrds.

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