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Two pieces // Remy Gates


It must ÷(divide)

O peaceful eve S N W i g E h D t.

Ovulation Tall ulah Endopl asmic P=>>ilo Gomez Sign s Sngis Posi tron Minimally Invasive Cra___ __use Thermo genesis Geosc ience Jetpæck + KəyPad Vitamin C infest lovEs hOw Tutu and toe shoes or NA UGHT u r u r u...n o t breedi ngblack taut 6Q8!/USA reaga nomicssticktalkfed erales cnoet ffiracbarrelingbarrel ingho EK10. s<thisain'tcode>big bricks HH HH HH HH HH Hh HH HH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHJJJJJJHHHH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH

YYY YYY PPP PPP NNN NNN OOO OOO , SSSSSSSSSSS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII $$$$$$$$$$$F $ YOUYOUYOU OKOKOK !Sis? ISIS ISIS! ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS d ISIS i ISIS s ISIS i n ISIS f o r Fingertips glowing m those invite piety common a to gorge hell's eye. t You remember how i certain is victory even o n as we quiver from malnutrition. She widens til we vanish. She widens til nothing. She. Our. Bones. Too brittle to be sacrifice. Un_altar_able g_nome.

And we hath speeked our lies through s e i m d d t b d e o o i i a n h w g a a u c h t Æ a n n a b i s

f l o s vv r e m a p p e b d l a c k l i p s

HaveTheyAnEscape? WeShol'NuffFintaFindUs 1 Po'dAn8InaLiter Press on weary traveler. Alembic pantameter mister. ____/dipped// \ demonic feminazi

Dem folk swear filthy to a desecrate vagina, give unholy praise : on liberty. the /inertnet % FLIPPING woes swift. Have we blasphemied the white manifold?

goldgoldgoldgoldgoldgoldgoldgold goldgoldgold Womanifold! goldgold goldgoldgoldgoldgoldgold goldgoldgoldgoldgoldgold goldgoldgoldgoldgoldgoldgold

...... / /......\\ .... phew ......... . .. \ \ / ............ ww television.

In a day's work we will be extinct the Mayan + the Chippewas + Like the Coloreds + the Dinosaurs + the Iraqi children + the rainforest and water and tree. Clearly Hindi is spoken by all of us, our postcontemp tendencies lent to cyborg obsolescence. Broke ones trying to teach adult lessons. Or was it a premodern penchant inherited by scourge of humanity? Unmarked goods going to the mosque to be unveiled, I'm waiting for you to tell me I'm not Muslim. Did I not speak with Allah on the -- Classification: jjo_66#s53 I'm supposed to be black and queer and Muslim and psychotic and adult. Forthwith I am not. Here, these are my scars for art. (Who is she that comes in night?) Several microaggressions short of being paid for a submission. This dog lays on the floor. Poverty is raiding lands for oil. Maybe none of us will see the gates.

A will counternarrative shortly vacates the image. free intense palm reading? Yaya promises accurate intelligence from the day you BABY, HOW are COME MY DREAMS born. SEEM REALER THAN POLICE RIOTS? WILL THE BOOKS JUST SAY NIGGAS WERE | UNRULY?? agaiN [A i hav e BLED [R diam oNDS [C ric h IN [H depleted u RANIUM, [I dark skin FASTING [T in the LIGHT [E i am fe ASTS. [C | [T A] R] C] H] I] T] E] C] T] U] R] E] signal <dog>...type <pug> Format error Resending route... [24 min.] [8 min. ] [30 hrs. ] Interception complete. Mana, could you please cut the oven on? The house is getting cold. Don't turn it all the way up, just put it on a bit. Mana, can you help me change the oil? It's surpassed the recommended mileage. Mana, wear your gloves! Mana, do ub ht fun his dt AUG/ =r < Signal loss. Attempting to regain... Yes Mana, there is gluten in these pancakes, but not those. Hi Mrs. Formica, Mana is not here right now...Is that so? I am so proud of you Mana, that's a blessing! Mana, come back soon. I will weep. Dear Mana, the rain sounds of you. Wow Mana! Heat radiation? Fascinating. That's Mana!

Tomorrow the sun Will rise. Who will You be in that day? A N E y f V t i i E h s n N i e G yes. n . U g R U S?

O A o v peace e U R r talks d R E u e. ________y_y Transaction.

Some encounters read like a journal. Explain the normalcy we're dissuaded from. This trajectory is tangential And if so to what? ごめん。以上で、終わり。

When they know who we are, their dick gets hard. Their ass starts to tighten a bit. Their mouth waters: irrigation. You would be my type. You would be my type. Bad things will happen if you sleep with us. d### initia ..-/--!lize is not here. Why wasn't the cause of death gravity? They ain't tangoed wid no dimensions. Hard wired, come here let me pick yo brain. What upsets you? Tough vocabulary? Physics and mathematics? It's time for you to come birth. Your words matter crinkling sequencing. Urbanized patriotic standards, in this building. 500 million people were killed by heroine sells alone. We all carry that weight, ya dig?

Take a break.

It was 1994 and you were a small Aladin. That chubby face had caller number 1 ransacked. And the Maori were still girding germanic.


Practice entry

White supremacist patriarchal capitalism feasts upon your fear. Allah asks you to fear none but they. So I walk thru life, and this is not everyday, but most, unafraid. The best quote that I've seen spoke of an Islamic leader that knew death as paradise. That is what I know as well. Do not step to me threatening murder. Death and I are mates. I will go willingly into the light. Those police officers trying to lure us into this game of fear. Shoot me if it pleases you, Allah will bless us just the same.

How they would like us to want capitalistic gains. How they wish for the docile negro. I'm speaking in Baldwin. We watch how you pray at our every move, hoping we don't remove the fetters, and use our hands to feel the blood on our backs. I'm ashamed that I must even address a white man instead of telling the Negro how unworthy this world is of her. Paradise is more befitting.

How does the ending of slavery seem a trauma to you as much as slavery itself is to us? It is not a distant memory. I'm trying to let the kids know so they will awaken to how far they've traveled to be free. Weary traveler, weary traveler. Is there ever a full exit, an end to our existence, to being stuck in this mainframe for want of integration? The police violence only makes us more claustrophobic inside of this sanctuary. F. / ccc! 8%4 363636 implants cantata.


Several donothingism practices. 1. Beginner's mind 2. Practice in everything 3. Be useless / don't be 4. Empty your boat 5. Relax, calm 6. Cryogenically freeze yourself until the future. 7. Wait.

Your autopsy has been selected for a grand prize.

Eagle street I'm throwing my curb up! Battling, battle leean. If there be anything. lball make a happier mood. A black woman tennis player. Doesn't it seem a Not so important t Nu m p o r n T so i t. T h ¤70¤ e B scratch ¤70¤ o ¤70¤ ¤70¤ t t o m F e e l e r s There is no value. Money does not exist, nor the exchange. Raiding your closet for bath towels. I'm not gone ever be that fake. It hurts. It don't affect me, but it hurt. Close your pores, eel the slithering cover. Slime slug banana peels off the porch. Scott Scott...Scott. Wake up Scott Storch! "I did it all to put the pieces to the puzzle" Laverne's benchmark pogrom. Trade a boof bag for a Lamborghini, Mambo with a groovy coolie, gin martini Pale ink wash Ksisnsoopa, riding the zeitgeist, shift the paradigm. The light just enough to sparkle fake tits. Wifey brown / South Asian Pretext (My bitch brown and she Asian) Does this form into an synthesis, negating mine prior misogyny? I know how the pretext is incorrect, hurting, harmful. It mustn't be formed however. How am I to simulate words hoisting debilitating structures? I become like a mime, a cart to behavior I've never achieved. Scathing obfuscation, miniscule apartheid preached from an abandoned mind. (Previously "mine" but replaced for more variety) W S L s a H I O p N E L I C e d R E S A c E N L i science C E f i E i s C Pacific.

The intensive research misses it or it is intentionally omitted. S L m c E a e u E V L.L pocket. B V e y A. E

c i r F 《 o m a e i m w e 《 H t a b 《 U u t i l N z u n y 《 g E r G l u o n s. vovk-pull-asymmetrical-lettering hematoma-faux-ketamine-pow EvERy-hOUR'-on-de-HOur-URban Haptic- we cryptic-LA base stopped offic-PIG C.I.A.- doing for-KHAn moreti the me-time-< petrify drugs thatgood HANds ... TwitChiNg

I'm always giving you waste. "All things are working for my good."

Invisible 21st century cave paintings. Homes flood as black families cry while dying.

hotcheese- Merciful hoghead batcave- Playonic mastermind jump-n- Ball party-pad omele Wet t-cooper manatee-beater wheat.

They get nervous when I breathe Allahbreaths .They get nervous when I breathe Allah. They get nervous when I breathe Allah. They get nervous when I breathe Allah. They get nervous when I breathe Allah. (Around the Allah there should be quotation marks. Like T B W " H R H a I E i E l N i A N l K T a h H e " m y s I everyone g h t G E T stills. S b u r l r y. ) How come you are listening to my thoughts. Are they that loud? Couldn't be. Couldn't be.

It probably feels to them how supremacy Feels to me. Whenever I stop feeling. Stop killing, it's top billing.

Twigs sex into pebbles. Did I get afraid ー I'm too erotic. Inching baby a Mars expat. sexy back ー extra economical. charring pixels, autumn levitates. Enjoy empty, dry rivers. Fondling tastes arid soda. The jet plane idles vivid. Imagine that thick noise. Soapstone gentle lather of wartorn prosthetic Sometimes SOCIETY out of stuck music pharaoh's software. crosswalks bus talk sirens ADhan girl be so far mic, hadn't wasted wasted news censor her fat gel. We re ign wh en. we poor. The black womyn molecules 6 angles hypotenuse. Tabloid wrangle hot toddy mix it with bubble goose. Valence loose, mumble thru the verse mispronouncing truth, Mummy wrap syntactic semblance, embellishment us new. Kids meddlesome solve the mysteries with Scooby-Doo. Past season 'Preme, Gucci bib, drink 3hunnid proof, Dark skin nigga melanin roots comfortable. Resin dripping down her skin Chanèl flip undo the noose. Nappy notes dangling haphazard off the bayou, Spook, coon, smoke spoon, dissolve: imperceptible. Eyes dilate, die elated, dim the dressing room. Desolate les infantes miserables, crawlin', standing, move. Press scroll, control character, hold R2 to shoot. Hooty hoot, it's nothing in the universe she can't do. (It becomes inaudibly hot. Capitalism slowly shifting as continental shelves.) I watched Sal Khan speak with Elon Musk. Mizrahi. Dusraelu. The spoon bend s ELEPHANT'S Like Ella's Fitz.

Sounds flatten cork _ BMW I3 Rad dad stole, from the ==@you baby j. Foremost concer ned with breaking o s / killing of self, onl y to Reinforce u n o t i r o B SENCE. We tossed f & B ng* i b Æ s A i n e m @ noitseuq elpmis w S r r e d l i o T f Ç İ T ə H

[Stage 1701, stiff wiffs]

S S S S S S S S S H H H H H H H H H A A A A A A A A A W W W W W W W W W T T T T T T T T T Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 下か上に見 るべき かどう か知ってる? H w O h W o H w o h w O H W O h w o H W o h

Would Should Could Aught Should I I | I I I k N o w ?

A broke spindle conglomerate Hippopotamus

Hypothalamus proboscus nowhere else is . grum |py like tea, sawed pistol. Get a ticket to the theater for movie. field seduction until| malleable. C H O K Er Freestanding decriminalization supremacist patriarchal capitalism feasts upon your fear that.

We not all going to what the makes same you place think

that jesus went ?

plus I'm richer

onLy probLem is I'm rich!

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It Sounds like...

"Hmm, what is that sound?"

It sounds like...

"It seems so familiar"

It sounds like fapping! Yayyy. Now with intermittent queefs.

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Is, and she doing Chinese Gleeshy still be the trapper of the century. Photo age, 音戦士( ) / \ / | oto senshi!

wrong endings. Uh.

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Remy Gates is a recent graduate of Williams College with a Bachelor’s in Japanese, and concentration in Africana. They are a muslimqueerblack. Their work centers around issues of space, spirituality, and error. They are looking to start a llama farm by the year 2020.

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