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Two poems & two photos // Nate Logan

Bad Premise

Nate runs out of granola on the Appalachian Trail. Nate plays Godot. Nate hears bad news over a

tin can phone. Nate’s camp counseling gig goes off without a hitch. Nate becomes “The Papa John of Dog Kennels.” Nate sees his name on a dry erase board. Nate and the Beachcombers (set starts at 9:15pm) solve a mystery. Nate goes a whole year without talking. Nate drives a salt truck in the off-season. Nate’s handwriting is a match. Nate’s career as a phlebotomist is short-lived.

Fake Scare

A public feeling

in the telephone call.

This chocolate bar,

a lighter in disguise

in case of emergency.

I’ve noticed zero myths

ending in a satisfactory

or somewhat satisfactory

manner. Cathy steps into

the horror movie, opening

a YYZ bathroom stall.

Confidence oozes every

intercom voice. One says,

“Weather conditions.”

Another: “Lost baggage.”

I’m never this helpful.

Bat Party

Trouble Breathing


Nate Logan was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. His chapbook, Post-Reel, was recently published by Locofo Chaps. He's editor and publisher of Spooky Girlfriend Press. You can find him on the Internet at:

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