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  • "The Genius" Lanny Poffo

A new poem from The Genius

When Sheila earned her PhD

With her boyfriend of equal degree

Dissertations got tough

So they smoked off-the-cuff

How stupid can smart people be?

A real estate mogul named Dave

Let cigarettes make him a slave

Location, location

And smoke inhalation

Has led to his premature grave

Just ask yourself: "Why am I here?

To smoke until I disappear?"

The reason for living

Is loving and giving

Tell pressure to jump off a pier


Lanny Poffo was born December 28th, 1954. A member of the legendary Poffo family (son of Angelo Poffo and brother of "The Macho Man" Randy Savage), "The Genius," (who also wrestled as "Leapin' Lanny," is a Canadian born American citizen. His wrestling career in the WWE was highlighted by a victory over Hulk Hogan and the subsequent appearances on “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” and “The Jonathan Ross Show.” In both iconic WWE (then WWF) wrestling characters, he would write and recite an original poem before the match. He now travels the world for appearances and motivational speeches. He’s written two books, both of which are available on Find him online at

Editor's note: As a lifelong fan of The Genius, I am deeply moved by the power of poetry as a villainous performative performance of one of America's most popular, underrated, and endlessly fascinating forms of art: professional wrestling. What poems can do is endless. I've embedded below a playlist of some of his finest matches and promos:

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