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Two Fast and Furious poems // Dave Landsberger

Editor's note: Dave's poems are based on The Fast and the Furious film franchise; if you're in Chicago as of this posting, he has a reading event Friday April 14th at 8pm Volumes Bookcafe. Here's a Facebook link for this, The Fast and The Furious Poetry Night

These poems are from the chapbook "The Fast and The Orpheus" - available at Volumes Bookcafe on April 14th for free (while supplies last)


Brian O'Connor = Paul Walker

Dominic Toretto = Vin Diesel

Mia Toretto = Jordana Brewster


after Derek Keisgen

The raced a freight train’s cow catcher and won

They landed a car on a boat

They drifted up a ten story parking garage

They hitched trucks to a moving fuel tanker and stole the gasoline with liquid nitrogen and a hammer

Letty died

They stole a convertible off a train and drove it off a cliff

They anchored a Soviet cargo plane to the ground with a series of military grade vehicles

Letty rised

They stole a supercar in an Abu Dhabi skyscraper and flew it through the air into an adjacent skyscraper

uncontented, they flew the car into a third skyscraper

I’m sitting in my car on a honking road paved of xylophones letting a family of geese pass me

I can’t drift

I’m not made of money to buy new sets of tires

my car’s name is Dwayne

he has sand on his floorboards from ten years ago

There is no furiousness here

There is no way any of this will ever end

The torment of standing still

inside the empty cabin of illusions


for daughters without fathers

I didn’t cry the first time

years ago

when after Mia was newly pregnant with their child

Brian asked Dom what he remembered about his and Mia’s father

Dom smiles and says he had barbeques

for anyone in the neighborhood every Sunday

you could eat as long as you went to church

and he helped Mia with her homework

every night, staying up after bedtime

to study the next day’s lessons

of course they are pulling on non-domestic beers

standing on balconies where men talk truthfully

when Brian says that’s just the thing

I never knew my dad

he was never around

And Dom says

you ain’t gonna be like that Brian

When it first was released,

The Onion published an interview

with the “Five-Year Old Screenwriter of Fast Five”

and now I wonder

why there’d be anything wrong with that

now I wonder

if it’s true


Dave Landsberger is a poet and writer living in Chicago, IL. He is a founding member of Poems While You Wait, a collective of poets who write impromptu typewritten poetry by request. He is also a founding member of American Nature Comics, a group of Chicago and Manzanillo, Mexico based comics professionals. Dave is the author of Suicide by Jaguar/Suicidio por Jaguar (Jai-Alai Books), a full length collection of poems printed in both English and Spanish with translations by JV Portela. Dave is also the author of the comic BEEF JAMS, which can be read on VICE and in the pages of Image Comics. A 2x winner of the Academy of American Poets Award, Dave has been profiled by The New Yorker, The Chicago Tribune, and The Miami Herald for his various works.

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