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Two Facebook updates // Jeremy Hight

want to be that old torn photo you carry......that once red hot girder firmly cooling in that foundation of the building we pass day to be that hillside that holds and lets go of both fire and be that bit of road that holds there ....a there both near invisible and ever present..

Youth, you distant roar on a road just out of view, I still hear you so clear. I hear you in engines of cars on other roads, in the spin of tires heading in other directions from here. I hear you in rivers passing over dull stones and in the silence of the latest hours when I should be asleep. I hear you in children outside the window and in the excited plans crashing onto the shores of this middle age


Jeremy Hight has an MFA in Creative Writing from CalArts. His book “What Remains” (published by Free Dogma Press) is a short story collection composed by taking all tech and sci fi out of sci fi films and taking what remains into prose.His short story collection "I am the Ghost Here (published by be about it press) is short stories fusing Hitchcock to social media. He teaches Creative Writing and English Comp and lives with his soulmate Lisa and his amazing cat Samson.

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