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Trauma Rig To Megatherion: poem in conversation with Oneohtrix Point Never // Zack Anderson

To be played with the poetry

Trauma Rig To Megatherion


Boring spirals.

Square wave splinters

striate the space of the orb.

Turn a porous place utopic.


I’m riding a trauma rig to Megatherion

to get reduced to an event.

Crossing the edge of the blast ring.

Zeroes scaffold the horizons.


Interdimensional negative capability.


Flyby event. Non-event. Landscape.

Massive Ordnance Air Blast

in non-Euclidean space.

Museum gun/daisy cutter.

Caliper span the caliber.


The spiral is not a gyre.

(On shore leave in the archive)

Glyph portal opens.

Temporal whitecaps

scramble the missile swarm.


I’m riding a trauma rig to Megatherion

chasing ghosts of departed quantities.

Skeleton crew. Convict ship.

Among the floating points.


Percussion module. Released

into permeable space.

Stress waves measure the structure.

Distortion. Signal warp.

Artifact: another zero series.


Spectral shift in the orb (Vantablack).


Interference in the field.

Describing a body.

Radiation flare. Light shards

break through pack ice.

Orb surface loses definition.

(Square wave rounded out.)


I’m riding a trauma rig to Megatherion.

Down the spiral. Into alterity.

Evasive maneuvers. A line of zeroes

along the edge of the sea.

Damped wave dies back to axis.

Orb array recalibrates.


Zack Anderson holds an MFA from the University of Notre Dame, where he worked for Action Books, and an MA from the University of Wyoming. He teaches English in Denver and writes for American Microreviews and Interviews.

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