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Cut-ups of 32, 33, 34 from Roadrage// Volodymyr Bilyk

32, 33, 34 Cut-ups


forsaken effervescent thump

baa blink zing shrug'

- toot gag

tick tilt gasp

billow cockle - blank nod


brows awry

breathe yanks the bubble

zigzag tilt

gulp swipe


Tap Tap pinch - Tacitly


dido whack: abrupt

GOB pshaw

- tinkle.

wry osculation gewgaw:

chortle bob,

thud backwards.

void wham:


fore wry zing

- volley sough

...soothing toll.

sigh surd


whirl smirk?


perspicacious hackled squinch:

zip, pitapat;

rumination spasm.


...tap-tap", slobber

sallow swish.


Volodymyr Bilyk is a poet from Ukraine who writes in English. So he's basically from another dimension or Parts Unknown.

Long story short: he follows Ezra Pound's "Make It New" and considers Pink Dairies song "Do It" to be a quite adequate description of his artistic intentions.

His latest book "Roadrage" was published by Zimzalla in 2018. His other works include "To When Tea Ties Hence to Wank It Too" / "Eminent Means of Basil Dado Hem-Welt" (2015), "Heartbeat, Footclick, Machine Gun Vocalizes" (2016), "Eellogofusciohipoppokunurious" (2017) and "The Songs of The Great Tits" (2018).

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