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Send me your titled, your prose, your mumbled messages yearning to breach screens!!

Boundary pushing, challenging work--often of the short but always of the unique. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Some suggestions:

-Art, lit, poetry, images, or reviews, however askew, of any of those;

-All lists odd and beautiful;

-Handcrafted, home-brewed memes and gifs;


-Lists, listicles, and commandments;

-Live Poeming: poems written concurrently with watchings, listenings, readings;

-Things you'd read on the train;

-Recipes and their stories, those resonant effects on the soul;

-Best American thesis statements;

-Histories, sagas, and instructions written in--or supplemented by--emojis. Emojis! The language of the people!;

-Passwords and screen names;

-Found literature;

-Truly great social media statuses or posts that suffer get lost in the clutter of information burial;

-Art and education manifestos or philosophies to erode the mind;

-Any manifestos, frankly;

-Live reports, particularly of pro wrestling (your editor has a pro wrestling soft spot);

-Flim-flams, think pieces, and un-think pieces;

-Worst American Parking images/accompanying stories;


-Errant screen captures;

-Poetry that turns poetry inside-out;

-Micro-essays; no length requirement except to say that they should be short;

-Whiz-bangs to whirl your friends by;

-It happened to me!


The majority of submissions I get are poems about ghosts, birds, bodies, bones, and maps. Doesn't mean your poems about those things aren't transcendent, both deeply personal and staggeringly universal, and that they won't shatter the souls of readers, rebuilding them in their own image. It just means I read a lot of those subjects! Consider.

There is a chance you will get a response from me that encourages you to rework your piece to push the boundaries of traditional form and/or content. I mean it! I am happy to work with people on pushing themselves past their comfort zone and thus, put the reader outside of their comfort zone. This is what its all about for me. 


I believe that the job of an editor is to showcase the art to the absolute best of my ability and to let it speak and shine the way it should. I ask that before you submit, you be open to working with me, potential edits and/or feedback, and having your project as composed as possible. I am, unfortunately, not very strong when it comes to web design. I have found the most rewarding project-based work in TL;DR magazine has been in the relationship forged by vision.

For we have had our vision(s). Everything, however wayward, deserves a home.

Submit to the email address above or through the form below.



Some fine print: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus neque tellus, auctor sit amet elit non, feugiat varius dui. Nulla laoreet porttitor arcu eu facilisis. Mauris turpis tortor, tincidunt non vestibulum in, facilisis vel felis. In mattis, ex vitae ultrices consectetur, turpis ex consequat lorem, ac tincidunt massa lacus nec tortor. In efficitur massa a euismod rutrum. Quisque ex urna, molestie non elit id, tristique lobortis felis. Donec quis euismod metus, a aliquam mi. Nunc enim purus, ullamcorper ut euismod et, blandit ac dui. Pellentesque imperdiet metus et ligula ultrices, eget placerat dolor tempor. Suspendisse ultricies augue felis, eget venenatis diam commodo viverra. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient Send along whatever bio in whatever person--first? third? SECOND?! you'd like included (if you'd like one included at all) and any links to social media, personal websites, etc.etc. montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis laoreet convallis leo ac rhoncus. Fusce faucibus tincidunt purus, non accumsan magna vehicula quis. Praesent et egestas augue. Suspendisse eu enim accumsan purus lobortis posuere. Sed commodo nulla imperdiet metus convallis, et dictum ex dictum. Sed est risus, mollis nec maximus at, commodo at lacus. Nunc velit lectus, pretium ut lacus in, rhoncus pretium ex. Nulla et sodales arcu.Response time >six weeks from your submission date.

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