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Quiz! Poetry collection or toddler book?

Can you identify simply based on the title which book is a collection of poetry and which book is a toddler book*?

*All books Your Humble Editor found at the Oak Park Public Library's toddler section.)

School of Fish

Please, Baby, Please

Secret But Kept It Room

Boris by the Sea

A Thousand Steps...and More



House of Deer

Guess What? - Fruit

Journey to the Sun

The Book of Nightmares

Red Wagon

The Red Bird

A Cake Appeared

All the World

A Line Can Be

Big Girl Panties

The Jitters

Sky Rat

Jasper & Joop

The Happiness Experiment

Careful Mountain

Pink Elephant

People on Sunday


I Love Vacations

Jelly Roll

To and From



Bad Bad

The Falling Down Dance

My Heart is Like a Zoo

Monsters One to Ten

Pretend You're a Cat

Empty Words

Blown Away

The Kissing Hand

I Live in a Hut

Little Owl Lost

Color Zoo

Color Farm

Color of Pretend


Oh One Arrow


Books Always Everywhere

I Am Small


Beast Feast

Correct answers below!



School of Fish --Eileen Myles

Please, Baby, Please --Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee

Secret, But Kept It Room --Mike Gubser

Boris by the Sea --Matvei Yankelevich

A Thousand Steps...and More --Yoshimasu Gozo

Thursday --Ariana Reines

Wednesday --Anne Bertier

House of Deer --Sasha Steensen

Guess What? - Fruit --Yusuke Yonezu

Journey to the Sun --Brent Cunningham

The Book of Nightmares --Galway Kinnel

Red Wagon --Renata Liwska

The Red Bird --Joyelle McSweeney

A Cake Appeared --Shane Jones

All the World --Liz Garton Scanlon

A Line Can Be --Laura Ljungkvist

Big Girl Panties --Fran Manushkin

The Jitters --Anne Cecelia Holmes

Sky Rat --Rauan Klassnik

Jasper & Joop --Olivier Dunrea

The Happiness Experiment --Lisa Fishman

Careful Mountain --Sara June Woods

Pink Elephant --Rachel McKibbens

People on Sunday --Geoffrey G. O'Brien

Vacationland --Ander Monson

I Love Vacations --Anna Walker

Jelly Roll --Kevin Young

To and From -G.E. Patterson

Oh --Cole Swenson

Oh! --Kevin Henkes

Bad Bad --Chelsea Minnis

The Falling Down Dance --Chris Martin

My Heart is Like a Zoo --Michael Hall

Monsters One to Ten --Seseme Street books

Pretend You're a Cat --Jean Marzollo

Empty Words --John Cage

Blown Away --Rob Riddulph

The Kissing Hand --Audren Penn

I Live in a Hut --Sarah Smith

Little Owl Lost --Chris Haughton

Color Zoo --Lois Ehlert

Color of Pretend --Mark Anthony Cotterman

Color Farm --Lois Ehlert

Dig --National Geographic Kids

Oh One Arrow --Adam Golaski

Tickle --Leslie Patricelli

Books Always Everywhere --Jane Blatt

I Am Small --Emma Dodd

Unlovable --Dan Yaccarino

Beast Feast -Cody-Rose Clevidence

0 CORRECT: Sorry, you didn't do well

at all

1-50 CORRECT: You did alright

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