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  • Daniela Olszewska

Excerpts of Text Message Conversations Repurposed as Terrible Titles for Poetry Books // Daniela Ols

It's Still Yesterday Here

The Best Kind of Whale

Leonardo DiCaprio is About to Maybe Wear a Wire

Tomorrow Is An Old Day

A Good Piano

Toddler Hands

What Kind of Nothings

Nepalese Machete

Crying While Playing A Duet

Seems To Prefer

Wag-able Tails

Actually Locked

You Should Give Spaghetti-O's Another Chance

Just Like A Dreamcatcher

Basic Public Speaking

I Want To Go Camping With You, But I'm Supposed To Get My Period That Weekend

Betting on Trains

Practically The Same Thing

Good Postures

About to Explode

New Noises

The Key That Works On The Front Door

Licking A Rabbit's Face

11 Ways To Ruin A Senator

Good To Know

Siracha and Soy Sauce

There's Nothing Urgent At Your Place

Spy Walk

Drinking From The Floor

You Can Call The Police For That

The Second August

Before or After They Evacuate the People and Animals

111th Street

The Butt Showing Problem


It Was Terrible, And I Enjoyed All Of It

Artificial Wings

Social Justice-y

Pause Buttons

The Brain Behind Your Eyes

Nothing Not Worth Your While

Becky's Favorite Rapper

It Will Take Me Longer Than You

Misogynistic Facebook Thread

Near The Fountain

I Just Finished Practicing

The Dominant Cat

Green Light and Smoke

How To Emoticon

Pillow Scream

The Bronze Key

Dead Opossum Blood

Maybe Not A Lot, But At Least Twice As Much As Usual

Blinking Is Rude

Rough Mixes

He Better Come Back As a Ghost

Happy Birthday, Narc

Risk A Verse

Time and Life and Death

Phenomenons In Jazz

Actual Addresses


Something Called "Rules"

Wasps, For Instance

Any Time After 6

Can We Go Somewhere?

Ten Plus Blankets

Don't Impede Your New Years Eve

I've Done An Expert Job at Not Having Other Obligations

Recovering Nicely

Treating You Well So Far

Currently Thinking

Pick the Spot

Full Disclosure

Trying to Figure Out What The Plan Is

Now I'm Bored

Crash Out

My Place is Messy

Just the Parameters

I'll Come To You

Stopping for Cigarettes Even If We're Already Late


The Sense of Feeling Controlled

Fully Stocked

Emphasis Is Appreciated

The Logistics

Old Humor

Not to Be Interpreted As Something We Literally Laugh At


30 Seconds Away

If You Want To Come By

I Found Your Cowboy Wallet

There is No Such Thing As The Corner of Kedzie and Kimball

I Tried To Tell Her

Maybe It Was Code?

Free Double Door


Daniela Olszewska is the author of three full-length collections of poetry: cloudfang : : cakedirt (Horse Less Press, 2012), True Confessions of An Escapee From The Capra Facility For Wayward Girls (Spittoon Press, 2013), and Citizen J (Artifice Books, 2013). With Carol Guess, she is the co-author of How To Feel Confident With Your Special Talents (Black Lawrence Press, 2014) and Human-Ghost Hybrid Project (Black Lawrence Press, forthcoming). She teaches ESL, composition, literature, and creative writing courses at several Chicago area colleges and universities. Her chapbook, Answering Machine, was released by Horse Less Press in February of 2016. She is currently working on her first novel and a collection of poems based on snapshots of other people's beds.

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