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Two poems // Melan Cain

You hate me don't you?

Because my skin is

So chocolate and sweet.

You hate me don't you?

Because my body's so curvy

And thick. You hate me don't you?

Because I no longer look

In the mirror and cry

About my beautiful

chocolate skin.

You hate me don't you?

Because all of your men

Lust after me the original


You hate me don't you?

Because I refuse to let

Your non beauty mess with

My unapologetic black beauty.

Sent from my iPhone

Is this the meaning

Of freedom.

Me being scared to let

Him play across the street.

Afraid that any moment

My mother will get the call

that could Shatter us all.

Every time the

Phone rings my heart freezes.

"How may I help you"

My mother falls to her knees.

"Please don't let this be happening to me"

His body still on the ground.

For everyone to see.

Pictures on the news making him out as a criminal.

My world shatter, I can barley breath.

My mother tears on my hand as I just stand there hoping he gets up and walks over to me.

My eyes bleed this salty flavor. Now I will not show anymore fear. For him I shall kill. For him I shall start putting these Devils in their place.

To them he's just another black boy who didn't stay in his lane.

First shot!

My eyes go blank

Second shot!

My knees go weak.

Third shot!

Soon they will understand.

Fourth shot!

My gods are watching

Fifth shot!

This is for all the mothers who are crying.

Sixth shot!

You will now feel our pain.

I'm sure they are losing count I drop the gun and look around at my brother face. This was self defense

I'm trying to protect our race.

Sent from my iPhone


Melan Cain a 22-year- old collage student who started to write when she was eleven years old. It

started off just as a way to express her emotions, but as she got older, she realized her words are

powerful and have meaning. Growing up in south Euclid, Ohio, there were many times she was

looked at differently because of her skin color, so she decided to use her poetry to tell her story

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