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  • Julia Lee Barclay

Future Worlds – Tricorn Init! // Julia Lee Barclay

photo credit// Simon Daw/Paul Burgess aka Scale Project

Future Worlds.

Good Drug Stores.

Deal Short Term CIA.

Hard Lines.

Hard Lines.

Hard Lines.

Total Fuck Up

RIP Shane.

RIP Total Sorry Discount

Warning Maximum Fuck Up.

Courtesy Warning.

Jesus Kids Meals.

Super Lunches

Private Fear Fear Fear

Milk Shakes



2 Non Permit Holders

Property Out.



Way Out Plus Accessories Plus Fuck Me

Pure Mineral Water

Pure Jesus

Pure Fuck

Contracts Undertaken

No pedestrians on ramp

Complaints procedure

Securing Your Vehicle.

Securing Your Possessions

Securing Your Courtesy to Other Customers

Securing Your Fear Fuck

The Home of Quality Care

Emerge Amber.Pryke!


Maximum Amber

Johnny Walker will have any boy. This is serious. Just tell her she’s pretty and UR in there!!

(she aint tho).

If you want sex ring Johnny

Clear Vision is a Wanker

Civic Amenities.

Your Ugly Terms & Conditions


Keep Left

Way Left

Keep Up


I’ll see when I get their.

Wish you were Here.

Shops to let Shane on ramp

RIP Shane

Fuck Off Shane

Confectionary Bitch

Ugly Novelties

Check boxer.

Cool Cock!

Yes your Siren tit!

Chinese Rent a Car

Budget restaurant

Budget Jesus + wholesalers

Matt Saniford is with Pedestrians on Ramp

No Responsibility can be held for Pedestrians on Ramp

No Parking No Parking

Legal Action may be taken against unauthorized persons

Exit smoking

Exit Your Head

!Mind Your Prohibited Activities.

Safety in the Car Park.

Lost Ash

Lost ticket

Lost Variations of Terms and Conditions


Caution Risk

Life is shit Plus Accessories

We will miss:








Legal action

Vehicles parked without authority


Drug Stores





Baby plants


New & Collectors Books Car Seat Covers

Aaron Shirt


Roxanne G



Confectionery Wankers

Future Accessories

Please let me watch

Parking pedestrians on ramp

Potato jazz if you want sex

Now available!

Total Fuck Up

Sorry Shit

Value Cards…appointments made

All Birds SLOW on This Level

Tricorn Dope

Ya Dun Know!

No deliveries accepted of course work

It lasted 4eva

Fuck Off You Specialists in Sunday business

Car Park Closed & Locked

Warning Gate Closed

Private Property Keep Out

No Parking

No Parking

Robert loves?














Your tit

Civic Amenities

Maximum wankers





The Samaritans

6 days a week

Do you need help?

Help me I’m being attacked by Home!

RIP see ya later!

Complaints Procedure?

Wish you were the Company’s Liability

Help me

Level 3

Level 3

Important Notice

Home Do Yo Hed



Property Out

All Birds Keep Left

Warning SLOW Saint

Tricorn Sucka

Value Dicks Up

No deliveries accepted at any other time!

Fuk Skool

Fok You

Specialists in appointments only.

Ring me

Securing Your Greeting

Articulated wide


I’ll see you when I get their hash.

Specialists in Individual Love in the Wall


Saint without authority?

Ya Dun Know!

Wish you were Home!

If you want Cozmic Groovy sex Exit Level 5 do not use lifts

Use green pen?

Sign left

Private Jesus

Hours Warning

Loading Only

The Sun Club

SLOW Warning

Kick Love Exit Ramp

God+Drug+S+Jess+New & Collectors Books without authority

Glory Boxer

Check Exit

Safari Tipping


Please Park Here

Help me


wiv a drink!

The Home of Quality Filth

Hell hath no fury like a Security System



Jesus+Rules+Work+Leisure World

Contracts by Hustlers

City of Hash

Love All Artificial Saint Meals

Private Jesus


2 Non Permit Holders Only

Furnished Flowers

Securing your Love

Fine Way Out

Wish you were Shane!

Exit Home

No Security

Lifts Up

No Property Value

Pure Orange

Exit Notice

Sun Property

No Help?

No Help

No Parking on This Level.

Ya Dun Know!

Save da Tricorn Jazz Init!


Greeting Tone

Birds Parking

Maximum Bird

Please let me.

Fuck Of

Amber.Pryke is a rule!

My cock.

Your tit.


Closed & Locked.

Appointments made!

Hours of Business

No Parking without Egg

Please let me lick pussy!


Fuck Off.

Stairs on Ramp?


Bye Home!

Landport will die


The Company’s Securing Your Possessions

Your Complaints

Your Cock

Your Tit

Your Sign

Your Saint

Your Jesus

Your Value Cards

Your Pure Vehicle

Your Home

Your Hash

Your Market

Your Love

Your Exit

Your Shit

Your Way Out

Your Way



Park Closed

Wax Warning

Level 4A

Fuck Me


Now Available Short Term!

Good Future

Deal Worlds

Level 2 Love 2

Home Up

Artificial Kids

City of Private Property

Jesus Drinks Milk Shakes

Cool Blow

Confectionary Wholesalers

Maximum Fine: Amber.Pryke RIP

Ugly Gate

Illegally Securing Your Terms & Conditions

Landport will ♥♥

6 Days a Week ♥?

I’ll see you when I get ♥!

Important Bros.

Martin ♥ Rob ♥ Barry ♥ Lee ♥ C.J. ♥ Steve ♥ Jeb ♥ Charlie ♥ Kamala ♥ Luke Francis ♥ Spike ♥ Tina ♥ Steve ♥ Collin ♥ Laura ♥ Ben ♥ Basse ♥ Egg ♥ Huntley ♥ Jay ♥ Silent Bob ♥ Shane ♥ Mark ♥ Steph ♥ Paul ♥ Roxanne G ♥ Matt Sanford ♥ Aaron Short ♥ Maladay Short ♥ Les Short ♥ Dan ♥ Alan Mills ♥ Kathy ♥ Boma ♥ Ryan ♥ Jak ♥ Flik ♥ Dany ♥ Luke ♥ Lucy ♥ Kanger ♥ Sean ♥ Jonny ♥ Steve ♥ Jesus ♥ John ♥ Rob ♥ Jess F ♥ Meg M ♥ Meg R ♥ Meg P ♥ Jade W ♥ Pam ♥ Holly ♥ JJ ♥ CJ ♥ Alan Slater ♥ Amber Pryke ♥ Johnny Walker ♥ Zoe ♥ Hollie ♥ Amber ♥ Dani ♥ Josh ♥ Lee We ♥ Leey Wright Le ♥ Tina ♥ Amy ♥ Spyce ♥ Ben ♥ Sam ♥ Colin ♥ Robert ♥ Jim ♥ Rod ♥ Chris ♥ Jake ♥ Sinba ♥ George Richards ♥ R.H. Cherden ♥ E.O. Hills ♥ A.G. Fehrenback ♥ Avril Lavigne ♥ Mark ♥ Jennie ♥ Robbie ♥ Viv ♥ Sam ♥ Shell

and Sons


No Specialists

No Shane

No Potato

No Cool Love

No Vision

No Systems

No Hell

No Jesus

No God

No Dope

No Hole

No Responsibility

No Variation

No Moving

No Safety

No Exit

No Legal action

No Courtesy

No Disposal

No Parking

No Tipping

No Lunches

No Pedestrians

No Complaints

No Tricorn

RIP Tricorn

All Saint Demo

Private Demo Keep Out!

No Car

No Car

No Car

City of Fear Me Fuck Me



Hello there.

Art leaves Portsmouth for good.

In the event of Fire I’ll Wish you were Here.

Articulated Sun Hustlers

Keep Out

Way Out.


Future Worlds is a cut-up of official and unofficial words found inside the Tricorn Centre and transcribed by me into a composition book on 24 January, 2004, days before it was demolished. Paul Burgess and Simon Daw of Scale Project took video and photos from inside the Tricorn on the same day. I became anxious looking at the graffiti and the old signs that would vanish in a matter of days and wanted to preserve them somehow. Burgess and Daw felt the same way about the building, which, while having been voted the ugliest building in all of Britain, was a unique example of the heyday of brutalist 1960’s concrete architecture.

The Tricorn was also one of the only venues for punk and alternative music in the '80s and '90s and its passing was mourned by a small but vocal minority in Portsmouth, as it will inevitably be replaced by something slick and soul-less. Burgess and Daw found the computer generated plans for the new shopping centre and have cut-up those into their 2004 photos from the abject Tricorn. The slides created from all their material are integral to this performance as the journey through the Tricorn was shared and from the point of view of the anxiety of loss of something unique, this event has been created.


Julia Lee Barclay-Morton is an award-winning writer and director whose work has been published and produced internationally; most recently, her stage text Shit was chosen for 2018 Cimientos at IATI. Her stage and prose texts have been published online and in printed anthologies, including Prentice-Hall, Stockholm Review, Ohio Edit, The Other Stories, and New York Theatre Experience. When in London (2003-11), she founded Apocryphal Theatre and was awarded a fellowship for her practice-as-research doctorate at University of Northampton, arguing theater can be an act of philosophy. She moved back to NYC in 2011 to research and write a book about her grandmothers' divergent paths through the 20th Century, The Amazing True Imaginary Autobiography of Dick and Jani. She teaches workshops, edits, and coaches writers; her blog is Somewhere in Transition.

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