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Cubic Portions // Cameron Haramia

One of those question thingies that is supposed to tell the trained ears all about you is to imagine a cube, right, and what color? The color —I forget what it actually represents— but mine, today is pink. The cube, is supposed to be on the ground or floating. This tells the listener what kind of kink you wish you had the candy to cure.

My pink cube is floating, zapping like a fucking virus. My pink cube eats all other cubes in a ten mile radius. My pink cube is the radius. My pink cube is so full it becomes the diameter, and just when the listener begins to question the exact mathematical gymnastics required for all of this to take place, my pink cube eats him too.


Cameron Haramia Cameron Haramia is a California-born Hoosier, who can be found on the dancefloor. He’s danced his way to Memphis, Mexico, and marine animals.

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